Providing homes for vulnerable adults

About Greenacre Independent Living

In Britain, we face a lack of supported housing for vulnerable adults who are able to live independently. Greenacre Independent Living is one of few UK developers to focus on building homes in this sector.

Our approach is to forge strong partnerships between Local Authorities and Registered Providers to speed the delivery of specialised supported housing and we’re working harder and smarter to do it.

Easing Pressure on the NHS

For vulnerable adults, supported housing isn’t just key to achieving new levels of independence. It has been shown to contribute to improvements in physical health, while also helping to ease pressures on the NHS and care services. In fact, investment in this kind of specialised accommodation delivers a net saving to taxpayers – estimated at around £640m a year across all client groups.


We need more Homes and we need them now

National Housing Federation research shows that in 2015/16 there was a shortfall of 15,600 available places in supported housing for vulnerable adults. And if the current trends continue, the annual shortfall will grow to 29,053 by 2019/20 and to more than 46,000 by 2024/25.

Homes from Home • A Model for Expansion

Our purpose design and build development in Faversham, Kent, will fully incorporate state-of-the art learning and best practice, both in construction techniques and understanding of the needs of tenants. We believe that it will be the best example of this type of accommodation in the UK. It is also just the beginning. This is the first in our ambitious plan to create more than 40 developments over the next five years in the UK. Each will offer around 12 purpose-built flats built to the highest standards of design.

Greenacre Independent Living Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Greenacre Capital Limited. We are one of the small number of UK developers to focus exclusively on providing urgently needed supported housing for vulnerable adults with learning difficulties who are able to live independently.