Great Things Happen When We Work Together


Providing truly excellent independent and supported housing cannot happen in isolation. It demands the closest possible working relationship between a number of different organisations. That’s why our first development in Faversham is a partnership between a major Housing Provider and Kent County Council.

There are clear benefits for all stakeholders

For Local Authorities

Greenacre Independent Living’s developments increase the stock of different housing types. Not only is this required under planning legislation, it also serves the needs of the wider community by helping people to stay closer to friends and family.

For Other Developers

Our small developments of around 12 flats over two storeys, could fit into a larger scheme, either as part of an existing deployment’s S106 agreement or through helping to meet affordable housing requirements.

For People Who Need Homes

Providing better housing for vulnerable adults in the UK should start with models of safe and secure accommodation that are affordable over the long-term. In most cases, affordability means taxpayer-funded support for rents that must also cover tenants’ additional and special needs. Greenacre Independent Living’s innovative approach focuses on delivering quality flats of an appropriate design, in the right place (close to local amenities) and at an affordable price.

For Registered Providers

An increase in well-designed and sustainable accommodation for vulnerable adults, combined with a focus on reduced running costs for building managers and tenants, enables more efficient and cost-effective deployment of carers.