New homes for vulnerable adults

Purpose built homes

As the new tenants of one of our developments take a tour, they’ll discover around 12 high quality, purpose-built flats over two separate floors, each with a well-appointed bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and living room.

All flats are accessible to those with disabilities, including wheelchair users, and there is a fully accessible lift to the first floor.

Our Faversham accommodation is specially tailored to the requirements of young adults with autism. This means a range of thoughtful design features that include:

Higher than usual levels of sound insulation.
Controlled natural light to help foster wellbeing.
Higher degree of control over the internal environment.
Generous amount of space for individual independence.
Garden for gentle sensory stimulus and fresh air.
Colours are pleasing and calming and a tenants choice.
Individual care

In addition, we’re including dedicated rooms for individual care and treatment. These can also provide overnight accommodation when needed.